The Sally Haggard Band

While I could not stay to the last performance at Rivertown Revival, I felt completely satisfied ending the day with a performance by The Sally Haggard Band. Sally Haggard performed on the Spectacular Stage, a stage reminiscent of Vaudeville stages of yore. Some folks in the crowd even looked like they stepped straight outta Vaudeville. Haggard with her sassy vocals and sweet charm got spectators off their seats of hay and into the hay-covered dance pit. I was one of those da

A Letter from Rivertown Revival

Petaluma, Ca., July 14 Dearest Mother, Since I last wrote you, I settled in a region of California near the metropolitan of San Francisco, in a town called Santa Rosa. Today I write from the McNear Peninsula in the town of Petaluma, California, just a train ride south from home. The weather here is mild for July, as the Pacific keeps the inland fair. East of the peninsula are gentle rolling hills of golden hues marked with spots of green from the grand oaks. Out here, the oak

Diving into Sharkmouth at Rivertown

Nobody wants to get into a shark’s mouth, but you’ll want to get into Sharkmouth. I finally got to see “California’s funkiest jazz punk trio” at Rivertown Revival at Steamer Landing Park on the McNear Peninsula in Petaluma on July 14th. Members Joshua Jackson (bass, vox), Libby Cuffie (drums, vox), and Nate Dittle (keyboard, vox) were joined by tenor saxophonist Chaco Amazè and trumpeter Zack Thorne. I had been looking forward to the day when I’d see this band live ever since