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A Secret Yearning Revealed

#TBT to June 6, 2017 when The Secret Sisters performed a special concert at Redwood Cafe in Cotati, CA as part of 95.9 The Krush's Free Lunchtime Show Series. I've been following this band for years, but never saw them live. So, I made sure to see them at this local venue--my favorite North Bay intimate venue.

Sonoma County music fans got a VIP experience with The Secret Sisters before this sensational sister duet headed south to San Francisco to perform at Great American Music Hall that night. And since it's not everyday that I have the opportunity to see The Secret Sisters, I went to see them in San Francisco too!

Laura and Lydia Rogers are inspiring to me. They went from touring with Bob Dylan to losing their label and filing for bankruptcy. But the sisters held their ground and weathered the storm.

I took an extended lunch break that day to see The Secret Sisters at Redwood Cafe, arriving in my best suit. I had just given a killer presentation summing up the successes of the quarter. And it was my last presentation, as I received the official word that day that my job was victim to a massive lay-off strategy. It was devastating, but seeing The Secret Sisters come from desperate times to putting out a stellar record and going on a national tour continues to give me hope for my future.

Also inspiring was Hannah Miller, the opening performer at Great American Music Hall. She sang a song that was so moving, it got me all teary eyed! It was a powerful testimony of hope and courage. I asked her about it after the show. While she hasn't recorded it yet, I look forward to when she does! Stay tuned!

I remember driving home that night from Great American Music Hall. I had put in my new CD of The Secret Sisters, You Don't Own Me Anymore. As I was driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, through light fog, "Carry Me," a song they wrote about their dad, was playing. And all my fears, devastation, and desperation surrounding my impending job loss came out in a sob. It was a cry for help, a secret yearning, begging my Father to carry me through this storm. The fact that I am vulnerable is a fact I hate to face, but there's no looking the other way, not in this desperate situation. I had that song on repeat for the rest of my 45-minute drive up the 101. While I haven't won the lottery yet--and when I do, the first thing I'll buy is a better lens for those low light situations like at Great American!--, I'm writing this blog post. It's hard to believe sometimes, but I know I'm being carried along.

"I'm a long way from home/ I feel the weight in my bones/ I'm tired like a sinner. I'm cold/ and my money's all gone. [...] If I keep on hiding, how will I be known/ I keep telling myself that I'm better alone/ When I fall, when I fall/ When my father will carry me home."

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