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Love is Hard

Real, raw, hard. The experiences of love that local musicians and comedians shared at Brew (a cafe in Santa Rosa, CA) on Saturday, February 10 was a refreshing contrast to the commercialized, fantasized image of love that is portrayed in our culture, especially around February 14th. Thanks to local event producer and documentarian Star Blue on the Scene, this event was a success.

While I kicked back on the vintage sofa near the stage during the sets, I enjoyed a locally brewed IPA, then I ate one of the most delicious toast concoctions and drank a crisp glass of locally made hard cider. At the end of the night I took home a comic book made by one of the local artist merchants representing at the event.

Love is Hard was a lovely representation of our local talent and it got me thinking of what love means to me. Love is Hard offered an alternative view of love to the inauthentic representation of love in mainstream media. Love is generally portrayed as a phenomenon between persons that is purely emotional, superficial, whose value is measured in convenient utility. Love is Hard questioned that line of reasoning.

As I understand it, though often hard to live it, love requires freedom. Engaging one's freedom is risky. “Very often we feel restricted in our situation…But maybe the real problem lies elsewhere: in our hearts. There we are restricted, and that is the root of our lack of freedom. If we loved more, love would give our lives infinite dimensions, and we would no longer feel so hemmed in” (Jacques Philippe). So the litmus test of love: are you, am I, hemmed in or are we free?


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