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Backstage with Will Varley

San Francisco - Opening for London folk-punk act Skinny Lister on a February Sunday night, British singer-songwriter Will Varley captivated fans at The Independent while touring in support of his fifth and most recent album Spirit of Minnie, which he released just weeks before the show.

The crowd, ready for a rowdy set from Skinny Lister, was silent as Varley, with his raspy voice, began his acoustic set by singing “The Concept of Freedom” that sounded reminiscent of Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War” in rhythm and depth. Although it wasn’t at capacity, The Indy held the largest, most attentive crowd I had ever been among — even more than an intimate coffee shop performance. But Varley has a way about him that engages his listeners, as though they are not just listening to him but listening with him.

And with that inviting nature, Varley manned his own merch table after his set so he could meet fans while being kind enough to let me interview him.

With this being my first exposure to Varley, besides having listened to a few of his songs online to prepare for the show, I was struck by the depth of his material. So, I started by asking him to tell me about his lyrics. What inspired his introspective words?


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